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July 2018
FONEL 15-jährigen!
FONEL 15-jährigen! - 0
Wir feiern! Zum 15-jährigen Jubiläum beschenken wir unsere Kunden! Jeder Kunde, der ein Gerät bis zum Ende dieses Jahres (31.12.2018) bestellt, erhält 15 % Rabatt auf die UVP und als zusätzliches Sahnehäubchen ein XLR oder RCA Kabel aus der Masters -Serie nach Wahl. Die Gelegenheit sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen! Feiern Sie mit!
Lesenswert! FONEL AVALON im Test bei Fairaudio:
September 2017
WD 2017
WD 2017 - 0
April 2017
FONEL connects!
Fonel connects! - 0
This year FONEL cables are on the market in series: Classic, Master and Reference..
  • 3 series enable with original solutions and know-how,
  • High quality materials only,
  • Noise-reduction braided cable from the series Classic,
  • Active filtering and 100% copper protective cover in "Reference" series,
  • Gold plated connectors.
April 2017
Direktvertrieb bei FONEL-Audio
Direktvertrieb bei Fonel-Audio - 0
May 2016
The new CD-Player "Simplicité plus“ with DAC and preamplifier
The new CD-Player „Simplicité plus“ with DAC and preamplifier - 0 The new CD-Player „Simplicité plus“ with DAC and preamplifier - 1
Now the CD player Simplicité are manufactured in version "Simplicité plus" only. The new "Simplicité plus" has to be one incomparable natural CD playback but also functions of a DAC with different inputs and preamplifier. Among other inputs the asynchronous USB DAC input allows easy connection of tablets, smartphones and PCs. The new player - preamplifier also offers an analog volume control which makes the preamplifier superfluous. Very good value of price – quality, solutions for modern formats and a possibility of your favorite CD's in excellent quality playback make this FONEL newcomer very interest for music lovers.
December 2016
FONEL bei Norddeutschen HiFi-Tagen 2017 in Hamburg
Fonel bei Norddeutschen HiFi-Tagen 2017 in Hamburg - 0
May 2016
High-End Messe 2016
High-End Messe 2016 - 0
Invitation to the 2016 Munich HighEnd Show. It's our pleasure to invite you to visit FONEL-Audio at the Munich HighEnd Show, 5 - 8. May, 2016. This year FONEL-Audio exhibit with Audition 6, Hall 3, M01 We are looking forward your visit.
January 2016
New USB-DAC - 0
FONEL "Renaissance", FONEL "Amadeus" and FONEL "La Viva" got an upgrade of the USB-DAC function. And now directly compatible with modern tablets and smartphones on Android and iOS.
FONEL-Audio präsentiert von Exclusive Audio. Entdecken Sie den neuen Versträrker in pure class A FONEL "AVALON" und weiteren tollen Konponenten. Weitere Einzelheiten hier:
March 2015
FONEL ¨AVALON¨ Class A - a new hybrid amplifier from FONEL
Fonel `AVALON` Class A - a new hybrid amplifier from FONEL - 0
Due to the output power of 65 watts per channel in pure class A "AVALON" make quality sound with any speakers.
"AVALON" has a new circuit and complements the best qualities of its predecessors higher power output, extended frequency response and increased control of bass.
Music playback picture is particularly plasticity, volume and "life." An incredible vocal range playback allows you to feel close to the performer.

Features of engineering solutions realized in FONEL "AVALON“ Class А:
  • the amplifier circuit is executed on the principal of double mono,
  • usage of original circuits working in Class A without common negative feedback,
  • the output stage is executed on matched pares of MOSFET providing essentially expanded range of line work and lesser distortions,
  • gold-plated relays and film capacitors Wima,
  • a powerful toroidal transformer with reduced active resistance from NORATEL and ALPS volume control,
  • multilevel computerized protection system provides overload protection of speakers and the amplifier,
  • adjusted brightness of indication elements,
  • an opportunity of connecting for two pairs speakers and headphones,
  • a special antiresonance case design,
  • multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing.

  • Technical Parameters:
    Frequency Range5 – 100 000 Hz
    Power170 W
    Output power in Pure Class A, nominal2 x 65W
    Input resistance47 kOhm
    Connection of speakers, pairs2
    Headphones connection1
    Supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
    Dimensions 430 x 132 x 432 mm
    Weight30 kg.

Has the following features:
  • The Passive Attenuator for the best matching of MM / MC cartridges and Phono Preamps.
  • 2 independent channels of adjustment:
    • MM channel with impedance of cartridges selection for optimal parameters and minimize of cables influence;
    • MC channel for the best matching of MM cartridges level and MM Phono Pre.
  • The precision impedance matching and signal levels of different MC cartridges.
  • Absence of active components and internal sources of distortion.
  • The energetic and lively sounding the whole frequency range provided by carefully selected high-test copper wire and high-tech core.
  • High linearity and minimal phase distortion in the whole frequency range.
  • High efficiency of gain and slew rate.
  • Excellent scene and great performance signal / noise ratio.
  • Triple shielding and massive iron casing of the transformer get minimal distortion, noises and great lively sound.
October 2014
FONEL show in France 17, 18 and 20 October 2014
FONEL show in France 17, 18 and 20 October 2014 - 0
Show is organized by “Exclusive Audio" the official FONEL distributor in France. With a wide line of FONEL devices: sources, amplifiers, phono-preamps, active speakers and speakers with an active bass. Three listening rooms with a big choice of music on CD and LP will allow music lovers and High-End fans to acquainted with FONEL sound.

Here by the contrast to large shows you can not listen music only but to ask questions to the organizer of the show Mr. Frédéric Baussart and representatives from FONEL who will be present at the show also.

20 October - the day for specialists and media.
Additional Information:
October 2014
image hifi 5/2014 September/Oktober Nr. 119
image hifi 5/2014 September/Oktober Nr. 119 - 0
In this issue FONEL phono preamp "Appassionata“ was tested.

“With regard to the dynamics of the "Appassionata" - just fire and temperament. And - again in contrast to the prevailing stereotypes about tube amps as the acoustic equivalent of the lukewarm bath - we get just incredible drive and rhythm. No matter what you put for the record: an impression that FONEL poured for artists on behind the scenes especially strong cup of coffee. A result we get an exciting, emotional and dynamic playback where always are accuracy and details..."

Read more in the image hifi
May 2014
FONEL-Audio GmbH invite all to HiFi Deluxe 2014
Fonel-Audio GmbH invite all to HiFi Deluxe 2014 - 0
You can see and heard FONEL system at HiFi Deluxe 2014 (15.05 to 17.05.2014), Marriott Hotel, Munich, room 118:

FONEL tube CD player "Simplicité",
FONEL tube preamplifier "Renaissance",
FONEL phono preamplifier "Appassionata",
FONEL hybrid integrated amplifier "Emotion" Class A,
FONEL active 4-band speakers "La Grande".

Come and experience music! We look forward to meeting you!

HiFi Deluxe 2014
Hotel Marriott, Berliner Strasse 93, 80805 Munich
Opening times: 12:00 to 20:00
Free entry
There is a free shuttle bus service between the high-end fair at MOC and HiFi Deluxe 2014 (Heidemannstraße) at Marriott Hotel, every fifteen minutes.
FONEL constantly striving to improve its products . Those who followed the development of our brand , be aware that CD player and preamplifier were already updated and released new models.

And the one product only it seemed there was nothing to improve remained phono preamplifier. These devices were so great that to raise them to a new level of sound without a significant rise in price was not possible (see TEST). But our commitment to perfectionism gave us a chance - look for opportunities to rework parts of these devices.

We used Sowter input transformers for our phono preamplifiers earlier known in the market for their quality and audio performance.

But now our developers were able to create the new generation FONEL ms-input transformers based on the latest nanotechnology. With less than Sowter nonlinear distortions . And with the linear characteristics wider than Sowter ( about 4 times ).

Specifications of new FONEL transformers to achieve the highest resolution and dynamics while maintaining the emotional and musical sound of the whole picture.

Transformer design provides the opportunity to choose gain of 10 (20dB) or 20 (26dB) and so use all presented on the market MC cartridges.

Due to the fact that we are themselves produce these super audio transformers now we can maintain a stable price for phono preamplifier FONEL despite a general rise in the cost of components.
November 2013
Action price for the 10 anniversary!
Action price for the 10 anniversary! - 0
To our 10th anniversary, we provide the opportunity to get all of our devices with 10% discount.*
And some the most popular devices with discounts up to 23% **:

CD-player FONEL "Simplicité" – Tubeinstead of 5.250,00 €now 4.499,00 €;
""CD-Player-Preamplifier-DAC""instead of 8.700,00 €now 6.700,00 €;
Tube preamplifier FONEL "Renaissance"instead of 6.499,00 €now 5.499,00 €.
* Special prices valid until 31.03.2014 (For more information see the website).
** Until 31.12.2013
October 2013
We celebrate our 10th anniversary!
We celebrate our 10th anniversary! - 0
Thanks to all who accompanied us these years, who stayed faithful to us, whose labor help us to create our magnificent devices and whose trust gave us the inspiration! Our first anniversary we celebrate with various price promotions and presentation of new products! Follow our news!
CD-Preamplifier-DAC Tube

Versatility and better quality in all modes: the new class of tube devices - for music-lovers who does not accept compromises in a sound quality.

This device has merged better qualities of the most advanced devices from FONEL as tube preamplifier FONEL "Renaissance" and tube CD - player with volume control FONEL "Simplicité tube".

To get in one device almost unrestricted possibilities of connections and playback of various formats from CD to computer sources without losing in a sound quality - was unrealizable dream of music-lovers heretofore. And now it is possible after release of a new tube ""CD-Player-Preamplifier-DAC"" from FONEL.

    Features of the FONEL CD-Pre-DAC Tube:
  • A new digital Wireless 48 kHz/16 interface will allow listening music by external computer sources without wires at all;
  • A balanced dual mono circuit without global feedback;
  • It is built on low-noise tubes with excellent linear characteristics;
  • DAC 192 kHz/24bit and clock-generator of own design unique in its exactness;
  • A high-quality asynchronous 192 kHz/24bit USB DAC;
  • Relays with gold-plated leads in the commutation stage;
  • A stabilized power supply with toroidal transformers for independent supply of channels and stages;
  • A microprocessor control of the amplifier circuit ensuring stable work of the power supply system and minimization of interference and distortions;
  • Adjusted brightness of indication;
  • Multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing;
  • A steel case with milled of one-piece metal side parts for minimizing of mechanical resonances and external electromagnetic distortions;
  • A motorized ALPS volume control;
  • Wireless, USB, S/PDIF, Optical, RCA, XLR inputs and RCA, XLR, S/PDIF, Optical outputs to get an opportunity for creating of audio systems of any complexity and functionality on the FONEL CD-Pre-DAC Tube basis.

   The innovative active speaker system FONEL "La Grande Center-Sub": an active central channel speaker and a powerful subwoofer in the common case - the unique device by functions and possibilities.    Usage of FONEL "La Grande Center-Sub" systems helps in decisions for installations of complicated cinema and multichannel audio systems:
  • The frequency response matching of all loudspeakers and system in a whole,
  • The distortion elimination in the frequency response which for systems with external active subwoofers,
  • Creation of a correct tone value balance of a system,
  • To avoid of purchase of additional external subwoofers or central channel speakers and to reduce total of components in a system and space occupied by them.

Features of engineering solutions realized in the FONEL "La Grande Center-Sub":
  • The active speaker system when for every frequency response is provided the special separate amplifier;
  • Every amplifier is made by special technology subject to characteristics of the given frequency rang;
  • Has two separate RCA and XLR inputs of Center and Subwoofer and sensitivity control for each channel separately;
  • A closed box with high-quality paper loudspeakers;
  • The case of the speaker system is made of 22 mm MDF with a lot of fixing bulkheads; outer surfaces are coated with natural veneer, lacquer and leather and inner are worked by special damping materials that provide resonance minimization;
  • A high quality phase-linear crossover of FONEL design is responsible for dividing a signal into 4 bands: subwoofer, woofer, midrange and treble. It allows to get a perfect bands adapting and evenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic;
  • Automatic on/off switching of the acoustic systems by inputting or absence of a sound signal;
  • High quality stabilized power sources with a big capacitor capacitance;
  • A microprocessor operating protection system with signal monitoring, supply voltage, heatsinks temperature and other system parameters;
  • Step-by-step sensitivity control allowing harmonizing acoustic systems and any types of signal sources;
  • A possibility of amplification level adjustment for each channel separately.
   On fingers of hands it is possible to count in the world amplifiers for cinema which are capable to transmit really qualitatively a cinema sound, to inform of viewers about all nuances and ideas of authors and to leave an unforgettable emotional trace in memory of the cinema-goers. And quantity of tube amplifiers among them - is even less. Thus experts and fans of a qualitative sound know that exactly tube amplifiers get maximum detailed and emotionality sounding - the major components both any music and cinema sound track.

   Therefore we are glad to inform experts and fans of qualitative sound about the production start of 5.1 tube-preamplifier of Hi-End class FONEL "Suprema". It is perfectly well equipped, reliable, has simple user interface and various analogue and digital and 5.1 inputs and outputs. "Suprema" is capable to become the centre both cinema and stereo systems and to show better sides of tube devices as: dynamism, dimensions, naturalness, and emotionality of a sound.    
Features of engineering solutions, realized in the FONEL "Suprema":

  • a balanced dual mono circuit without global feedback;
  • it is built on low-noise tubes with excellent linear characteristics;
  • DAC 192kHz/24bit and clock-generator of own design unique in its exactness;
  • a high-quality asynchronous 192kHz/24bit USB DAC;
  • a tubed MM/MC phono stage;
  • relays with gold-plated leads in the commutation stage;
  • a stabilized power supply with toroidal transformers for independent supply of channels and stages;
  • a microprocessor control of the amplifier circuit ensuring stable work of the power supply system and minimization of interference and distortions;
  • adjusted brightness of indication;
  • multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing;
  • a steel case with milled of one-piece metal side parts for minimizing of mechanical resonances and external electromagnetic distortions;
  • a motorized ALPS volume control;
  • S/PDIF, Optical, asynchronous USB, RCA, XLR stereo and 5.1 Home cinema in- and outputs to get an opportunity for creating of audio and video of system of any complexity and functionality on the "Suprema" basis.
Integrated amplifier and 192 kHz/24 bit DAC in the case of a subwoofer + active speakers - is let out in a new design and with a new specification; for "Apple" style fans is especial model of the "La Viva!" - with a white finish.
Changes have concerned design and equipment of the amplifying device and design of acoustic systems cases:

- In the patented amplifying system from FONEL the volume control works now by a high-quality a motorized ALPS because this method only to get an opportunity to reach the Hi-End level in a sound. It is necessary to notice that this decision is not applied by other manufacturers as it is relative expensive.

- Besides, in new "La Viva!" is the original system of a bass amplifying by FONEL's engineers developed and which to get surprising depth and quality in a bass (very rare for compact active audio systems).

- In the amplifying device of "La Viva!" is applied a high-quality 24/192 DAC from Cirrus Logic and a clock-generator of own design unique in its exactness.

- Presence at "La Viva!" of various external digital inputs (S/PDIF, a high-quality asynchronous 192kHz/24bit USB DAC and optical inputs) allows to its owners to listen different digital sources without purchase of an external DAC: FONEL "La Viva!" receives digital data from external digital sources and then transforms them to a sound signal with high accuracy and quality.

- A new digital wireless 48kHz/16 interface which has applied in a new FONEL "La Viva!" will allow to listen music by external computer sources without wires at all.

- As well as the previous model of the "La Viva!" a new system will have multichannel amplifying system when everyone driver has a separate amplifier - for the best results in a quality of sounding.

- The sound quality is strongly depends from a power supply quality. Then in an advanced power supply of a new "La Viva!" are applied 3 separate power transformers - for digital, analogue and output stages.

- A new model of the FONEL "La Viva!" has the improved remote wireless control which working on a big range - even from the next room.

- A new "La Viva!" has absolutely unique design and geometry of loudspeaker cases. This design has made "La Viva!" different from everything in the world, but also to lift a sound quality of on higher stage due to improved parameters of the sound signal, special orientation of drivers and minimization of acoustic distortions.

A new FONEL "La Viva!" passes pre-production tests now. And about its new exact specification we will inform additionally. But, first serial devices will be approximately produced by the end of February.

For "Apple" style fans will be approximately produced especial model of "La Viva!" - in a white finish.

The preliminary orders are accepted from this moment.
91,5 dB of sensitivity and active subwoofer’s part to get for the new 3-band speaker system FONEL "Eureka" real universality. It has perfect compatibility with different tube and transistor amplifiers.

The sound of "Eureka" are dynamic, responsiveness, musicality, energy and emotionality.

The universality of "Eureka" also consists in its compactness which very good for small rooms and in its big nominal power which very good for large halls. In addition "Eureka" well proved self as front or rear speakers in home cinema systems.
Grandiose scene, live, plastic, volume and very natural sounding - distinctive singularities which were inherited the new model of tube preamplifier FONEL "Renaissance" from the previous model. Among additional possibilities of the new model: a second XLR input, a high-quality 24/192 DAC with 2 x S/PDIF, 2 x USB and 1 x optical inputs, a tubed MM/MC phono stage and a rear-mounted headphone output. The Renaissance circuit is dual mono, balanced, without global feedback and offers 18dB of gain.
September 2010
The factory tests of the new mono-power amplifiers FONEL Class A shown that quality of their sounding is better than all our expectations and better than we anywhere can listen. There are: accuracy, detailing, lightness, power, emotions, harmony, and depth of sound and scenes- all this in the mono-power amplifiers FONEL Class A..
The change of design of CD players FONEL planned on September will become this month. Since the present moment these players of High-End class will be made in the new design only. The first devices will be made with remote controls and wooden elements of cases from noble palisander without the extra cost.
From 2010 September FONEL: CD-Player, Tube CD-Player, CD-Player-Preamplifier und "CD-Player-Preamplifier-DAC" will manufacture in the new design.

The preliminary orders are accepted from this moment.
February 2010
FONEL "Emotion"

Stereo amplifier

In February, 2010 the stereo amplifier FONEL "Emotion" has received Award 2010 from "Fairaudio" magazine, as the amplifier with unsurpassed sounding.
The unique 5.1 system working in the pure class A

5.1 amplifier's system from FONEL:
- has 5.1 inputs and outputs for usage in Home cinema and multichannel systems,
- has 5 built-in amplifiers working in the pure class A,
- working in stereo and Home cinema as High-End the pure class A amplifier,
- USB and DAC digital inputs for usage as an external High-End DAC and for connection computer's sources,
- has built-in MC/MM phono preamplifier made on tube triodes - nuvistors.
August 2009
Download (PDF 1.4Mb)
Music in all its splendour

In its new generation the active 4-lane acoustic system "La Grande" has not gained a new external design, but new more perfect technical conception, as well. This pair of acoustics is very dynamic, fast, musical. The playback turns out soft, lively, filled with energy. With the first beats already you will that positive emotions start gaining the upper hand. Every time you will anticipate joy knowing that "La Grande" and your favourite music are waiting for you at home.
May 2009
Case colour
Case colour - 0
From now FONEL devices in black matted cases has supplemented the line of products, which were only produced in 'pearl and beige' before.
All FONEL devices are bundled with a High-End power cable of high quality. This cable is specially made by the German manufacturer "HB-Cable Design" from Cologne. The cable is manufactured of thoroughly selected materials and has a gilded plug and a gilded jackplug.
March 2009
Astonishing as life itself!

An ideal solution for small rooms of great music admirers: "La Viva!" - a compact acoustic system in a closed case from FONEL manufacturers. Supplied in two variants: 2.1 or 5.1, with various case decoration. This diminutive set is able to liven the great music up owing to the patented method of sound intensification. The given architecture of the system is new in its solution and allows to get a surprisingly alive and pliant picture of the sound. The system is controlled with a help of the remote radio controller. The adjustment of sound volume, bass level, input selection… No, you are not mistaken! You can choose among four inputs: 2 RCA, XLR and even USB- connection. A computer or any other signal sources of high quality - any of them can be connected directly to the system "La Viva!", what converts "La Viva", among other things, into the system ' acoustics + amplifiers', ideal not only for connoisseurs of high-quality sound of CDs, LPs and etc., but for fans of computer games or movies, as well!