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Know-how for cinema from FONEL-Audio GmbH
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The innovative active speaker system FONEL "La Grande Center-Sub": an active central channel speaker and a powerful subwoofer in the common case - the unique device by functions and possibilities. Usage of FONEL "La Grande Center-Sub" systems helps in decisions for installations of complicated cinema and multichannel audio systems:
  • The frequency response matching of all loudspeakers and system in a whole,
  • The distortion elimination in the frequency response which for systems with external active subwoofers,
  • Creation of a correct tone value balance of a system,
  • To avoid of purchase of additional external subwoofers or central channel speakers and to reduce total of components in a system and space occupied by them.

Features of engineering solutions realized in the FONEL "La Grande Center-Sub":
  • The active speaker system when for every frequency response is provided the special separate amplifier;
  • Every amplifier is made by special technology subject to characteristics of the given frequency rang;
  • Has two separate RCA and XLR inputs of Center and Subwoofer and sensitivity control for each channel separately;
  • A closed box with high-quality paper loudspeakers;
  • The case of the speaker system is made of 22 mm MDF with a lot of fixing bulkheads; outer surfaces are coated with natural veneer, lacquer and leather and inner are worked by special damping materials that provide resonance minimization;
  • A high quality phase-linear crossover of FONEL design is responsible for dividing a signal into 4 bands: subwoofer, woofer, midrange and treble. It allows to get a perfect bands adapting and evenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic;
  • Automatic on/off switching of the acoustic systems by inputting or absence of a sound signal;
  • High quality stabilized power sources with a big capacitor capacitance;
  • A microprocessor operating protection system with signal monitoring, supply voltage, heatsinks temperature and other system parameters;
  • Step-by-step sensitivity control allowing harmonizing acoustic systems and any types of signal sources;
  • A possibility of amplification level adjustment for each channel separately.
Technical characteristics:
Speaker system typeactive, 4-band, closed box
Frequency range 20 - 35000 Hz
Channels (bands) number4
Number of speakers5
Inputs, separate for Center and Subwoofer:
Power (Pnom)500W
Sensitivity adjustment 6 steps, 0.2 - 4 V
Level adjustment, in every band3 steps, ± 3 dB
Supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions940 x 300 x 420 mm
Weight46 kg