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PHONO-PREAMPLIFIER FONEL - Execution of your dream about alive sounding! Tube MM, MC, MM/MC phono preamplifiers FONEL are the incarnation of all the best of valve technologies. A perfect technical construction of the correctors, which is organically combined with an exquisite design, allows to get an exciting unforgettable sounding! Probably, you will not succeed in finding any other thing in the world, which can help you in bringing the beauty and naturalness of music sounding so completely during sound reproduction from vinyl disks.

Distinguishing features of the phono-preamplifiers FONEL are:
  • antiresonance design of cases, made by means of milling work; the design is developed specially for reduction of delayed side-tone and microphone effect;
  • high class power supply, performed with usage of a massive toroidal-core transformer;
  • stabilized power sources for DC filament heaters;
  • high voltage filters of a high degree of accuracy;
  • circuit engineering without feed back;
  • an original system of optimizing regimes of tube stages, developed with the object of minimizing distortion;
  • usage of precision film resistors and capacitors in passive circuits of RIAA-correction;
  • usage of high-quality valves or FONEL transformers in input stage of MC, MM/MC phono-preamplifiers.

Country of manufactureGermany
Signal/noise rate> 80 dB
Channelizing> 60 dB
RIAA fluctuation+/- 0,2 dB
Massive Toroidaltransformator
Dimensions (H x B x T)430 x 335 x 89mm
Weight12,4 kg

Three different performance of front panel: white ash; mahogany; walnut; piano-black

FONEL MM "Sonata"
FONEL MC "Symphony" )
FONEL MM/MC "Appassionata"

Test FONEL ¨Symphony¨ in 6moons.com(en, Ralph Werner)

Test FONEL ¨Appassionata¨ in DVDXPERT(en, Sergey Sudov)

Test FONEL ¨Appassionata¨ in Haute Fidélité (fr, Dominique Mafrand)

Wood samples
esche sapelli nussbaum schwarz