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Phono Preamplifiers FONEL
Phono Preamplifiers FONEL - 0

The living symphony!

In the world you can hardly find many devices able to convey the beautifulness and naturalness of the music, recorded on vinyl LPs, so well as phono preamplifiers FONEL do. Components of the highest quality from the best manufacturers, originality of the design and thoroughness in the production, when every little thing is treated with the greatest attention and conscientiousness, allow these devices to be inimitable.

In the line, produced by FONEL, there are 3 variants of phono preamplifiers, intended for work with cartridges of different types:
  • FONEL MM "Sonata" - for MM-type cartridges,
  • FONEL MC "Symphony" - for MC-type cartridges,
  • FONEL MM/MC "Appassionata" - a universal phono preamplifier for all types of MM and MC cartridges.

Features of engineering solutions, realized in phono preamplifiers FONEL:
  • massive toroidal transformers in the power system;
  • stabilized tube heating supply, a reliable high voltage filter;
  • an original system of tube stage control, minimizing distortion and noise;
  • passive RIAA circuit, assembled on accurate film resistors and capacitors;
  • usage of high-quality tubes and MS-transformers "FONEL" in the input stage.

The antiresonance steel case of phono preamplifiers FONEL with sides, cut of one-piece metal, is massive and filigree at the same time. Such design allows to reduce back acoustic coupling and microphonic effect in the operating mode, what raises sound quality of the phono preamplifiers substantially.

The patented design of FONEL phono preamplifiers is not alike any of those, presented at the market. Its peculiarity is the assembly which allows a listener to see the tubes glow, what is a specific attribute of tube devices of FONEL line.

Ornamental elements of the construction are made of natural wood of high quality and a cus-tomer may choose of three standard variants: ash, mahogany, walnut. The version in black piano-lacquer and other types of wood is made to special orders.

Technical characteristics
Amplification at frequency 1 kHz66 dB
Frequency range20 Hz - 20 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio> 80 dB
Nonlinear distortions< 0.2 %, 1 kHz, 350 mV Out
Input impedance200 Ohm
Output impedance< 600 Ohm
Overload capacity26 dB
Supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption30 Wt
Dimensions420 x 335 x 89
Weight12,5 kg

FONEL ¨Symphony¨ in 6moons.com (en, Ralph Werner)

FONEL ¨Appassionata¨ in DVDXPERT (en, Sergey Sudov)

FONEL ¨Appassionata¨ in Haute Fidélité (fr, Dominique Mafrand)