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Compact active audio system FONEL ¨La Viva!¨
Compact active audio system FONEL `La Viva!` - 0 Compact active audio system FONEL `La Viva!` - 1 Compact active audio system FONEL `La Viva!` - 2 Compact active audio system FONEL `La Viva!` - 3

Compact active audio system FONEL "La Viva!"

Integrated amplifier and 192 kHz/24 bit DAC in the case of a subwoofer + active speakers - is let out in a new design and with a new specification; for "Apple" style fans is especial model of the "La Viva!" - with a white finish.

Astonishing as life itself

"What to do?!" a lot of music-lovers and audiophiles traditionally ask that question if they want to listen to their favorite music for always, even, for example, in a studio, in a small office or a bedroom.

Perhaps, there was no answer before, since the equipment with the high quality of sound was very bulky and needed free space and room fit for it. And namely they lack most. Mini-equipment needed much less space but, and it's the most important, it did not ensure the high quality of sound and, besides, it did not allow to connect at the same time several sound sources (eg. a CD-player, a tuner and a computer) to it.

And now, after a compact audio-system FONEL "La Viva!" has appeared, and with its help, the problem of equipping small rooms with devices of high sound quality can be solved.

"La Viva!" is developed with usage of new patented method of sound amplifying and has several properties, necessary for small rooms, and namely:
  • it has quite small outer dimensions, comparable with computer sets;
  • A new model of the FONEL "La Viva!" has the improved remote wireless control which working on a big range - even from the next room;
  • In the amplifying device of "La Viva!" is applied a high-quality 192 kHz/24 bit DAC from Cirrus Logic and a clock-generator of own design unique in its exactness;
  • "La Viva!" works as active acoustic system and have multichannel amplifying system when everyone driver has a special separate amplifier. Therefore "La Viva!" has rather powerful, live and dynamical Hi-End class sound!
  • A new digital Wireless 48 kHz/16 interface which has applied in a new FONEL "La Viva!" will allow to listen music by external computer sources without wires at all;
  • Presence at the "La Viva!" of various external digital inputs (S/PDIF, Wireless, a high-quality asynchronous 192 kHz/24 bit USB DAC and optical inputs) allows to its owners to listen different digital sources without purchase of an external DAC: FONEL "La Viva!" receives digital data from external digital sources and then transforms them to a sound signal with high accuracy and quality. And to external RCA inputs can connect various analogue sources from tuner to LP player;
  • In the patented amplifying system from FONEL the volume control works now by a high-quality motorized ALPS. Their applying provides sounding of Hi-End level and gives for FONEL "La Viva!" essential advantage over compact audio systems from other manufacturers;
  • Besides a new "La Viva!" have the original system of a bass amplifying by FONEL and to get surprising depth and quality in a bass which very rare for compact active audio systems. It is possible also thanks to applying of a perfect powerful subwoofers driver with a long way;
  • The sound quality is strongly depends from a power supply quality. Then in an advanced power supply of a new "La Viva!" are applied 3 separate power transformers - for digital, analogue and output stages;
  • A new "La Viva!" has absolutely unique design and geometry of loudspeaker cases. This design has made "La Viva!" different from everything in the world, but also to lift a sound quality of on higher stage due to improved parameters of the sound signal, special orientation of drivers and minimization of acoustic distortions;
  • Sides of FONEL "La Viva!" speakers made of natural wood of high quality. The internal design of speakers and subwoofer very strong also has the complex configuration providing a low level of distortions and mechanical resonances.

Technical characteristics
USB asynchronous, 192 kHz/24 bit1
Wireless, 48 kHz/16 bit1
Mini-jeck 1
Frequency range5 - 100 000 Hz
THD Pnom< 0.005% bei P=1 W, < 0.001%
Acoustic system frequency range20-35000 Hz
Number of bands3
Type of acoustic executiona closed box
Phase controldirect/ adjustable
Phase control
Supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
Acoustic systems250 x 170 x 145 mm
Subwoofer410 x 350 x 355 mm
Set weight 34 kg