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FONEL ¨AVALON¨ Class A - a new hybrid amplifier from FONEL
Due to the output power of 65 watts per channel in pure class A "AVALON" make quality sound with any speakers.
"AVALON" has a new circuit and complements the best qualities of its predecessors higher power output, extended frequency response and increased control of bass.
Music playback picture is particularly plasticity, volume and "life." An incredible vocal range playback allows you to feel close to the performer.

Features of engineering solutions realized in FONEL "AVALON“ Class А:
  • the amplifier circuit is executed on the principal of double mono,
  • usage of original circuits working in Class A without common negative feedback,
  • the output stage is executed on matched pares of MOSFET providing essentially expanded range of line work and lesser distortions,
  • gold-plated relays and film capacitors Wima,
  • a powerful toroidal transformer with reduced active resistance from NORATEL and ALPS volume control,
  • multilevel computerized protection system provides overload protection of speakers and the amplifier,
  • adjusted brightness of indication elements,
  • an opportunity of connecting for two pairs speakers and headphones,
  • a special antiresonance case design,
  • multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing.

  • Technical Parameters:
    Frequency Range5 – 100 000 Hz
    Power170 W
    Output power in Pure Class A, nominal2 x 65W
    Input resistance47 kOhm
    Connection of speakers, pairs2
    Headphones connection1
    Supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
    Dimensions 430 x 132 x 432 mm
    Weight30 kg.

    Test FONEL AVALON www.opus51.fr (fr)