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Tube-preamplifier FONEL ¨Suprema¨ with 5.1 Home cinema in- and outputs
Tube-preamplifier FONEL `Suprema` with 5.1 Home cinema in- and outputs - 0 Tube-preamplifier FONEL `Suprema` with 5.1 Home cinema in- and outputs - 1
The cinema world will find flesh and reality - with a new 5.1 tube-preamplifier of Hi-End class FONEL "Suprema".    On fingers of hands it is possible to count in the world amplifiers for cinema which are capable to transmit really qualitatively a cinema sound, to inform of viewers about all nuances and ideas of authors and to leave an unforgettable emotional trace in memory of the cinema-goers. And quantity of tube amplifiers among them - is even less. Thus experts and fans of a qualitative sound know that exactly tube amplifiers get maximum detailed and emotionality sounding - the major components both any music and cinema sound track.

   Therefore we are glad to inform experts and fans of qualitative sound about the production start of 5.1 tube-preamplifier of Hi-End class FONEL "Suprema". It is perfectly well equipped, reliable, has simple user interface and various analogue and digital and 5.1 inputs and outputs. "Suprema" is capable to become the centre both cinema and stereo systems and to show better sides of tube devices as: dynamism, dimensions, naturalness, and emotionality of a sound.    
Features of engineering solutions, realized in the FONEL "Suprema":

  • a balanced dual mono circuit without global feedback;
  • it is built on low-noise tubes with excellent linear characteristics;
  • DAC 192kHz/24bit and clock-generator of own design unique in its exactness;
  • a high-quality asynchronous 192kHz/24bit USB DAC;
  • a tubed MM/MC phono stage;
  • relays with gold-plated leads in the commutation stage;
  • a stabilized power supply with toroidal transformers for independent supply of channels and stages;
  • a microprocessor control of the amplifier circuit ensuring stable work of the power supply system and minimization of interference and distortions;
  • adjusted brightness of indication;
  • multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing;
  • a steel case with milled of one-piece metal side parts for minimizing of mechanical resonances and external electromagnetic distortions;
  • a motorized ALPS volume control;
  • S/PDIF, Optical, asynchronous USB, RCA, XLR stereo and 5.1 Home cinema in- and outputs to get an opportunity for creating of audio and video of system of any complexity and functionality on the "Suprema" basis.
Technische Daten
Inputs analog: 12
RCA 5.16
RCA Stereo3
MM/MC phono tubed1
Inputs digital: 5
USB asynchronous , 192kHz/24bit 1
XLR Stereo1
XLR 5.16
RCA 5.16
RCA Stereo1
Amplification factor18 dB
Balance adjustment±6 dB
Frequency Range (level -3 dB)3 Hz.. 40 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio-98 dB
THD< 0.05 % @ 1 kHz, 2 V Out
Supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
Consumed power50 Watt
Dimensions430 x 105 x 340 mm
Weight17 kg