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Tube preamplifier FONEL ¨Renaissance¨
Tube preamplifier FONEL `Renaissance` - 0 Tube preamplifier FONEL `Renaissance` - 1

Music, born anew

This preamplifier is rightly called "Renaissance"- Revival: music suddenly revives anew and breathes! A grandiose scene, lively, soft, three-dimensional and very natural sound - all these are provided by FONEL "Renaissance". And now, the instruments appear to have 'bodiliness', the performers - emotionality, and the listener moves the magical world of music.

"Renaissance" is built on low-noise tubes with excellent linear characteristics; that gives it advantages in sound quality as compared with other types of preamplifiers.

Features of engineering solutions, realized in FONEL "Renaissance":
  • balanced circuit of signal transmission, without general negative feedback;
  • "double mono" construction;
  • a high-quality 24/192 DAC with 2 x S/PDIF, Wireless, USB and optical inputs;
  • a high-quality asynchronous 192kHz/24bit USB DAC;
  • a tubed MM/MC phono stage;
  • relays with gold-plated leads in the commutation stage;
  • a stabilized power supply with 3 toroidal transformers for independent supply of channels and stages;
  • a microprocessor control of the amplifier circuit ensuring stable work of the power supply system and minimization of interference and distortions;
  • adjusted brightness of indication;
  • a motorized ALPS volume control;
  • a possibility of commutation with external processor;
  • multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing;
  • the steel case with milled of one-piece metal side parts for minimizing of mechanical resonances and external electromagnetic distortions.

Ornamental elements of the construction, as remote controllers, are made of natural wood of high quality and a customer may choose of three standard variants: ash, mahogany, walnut. The version in black piano-lacquer and other types of wood is made by special orders.

Technical characteristics
Inputs analog:7
MM/MC phono tubed1
Inputs digital:5
Headphone output1
Amplification factor:18 dB
Balance adjustment:±6 dB
Frequency Range (level -3 dB):3 Hz.. 40 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio:-98 dB
THD:< 0.05 %, 1 kHz, 2 V Out
Supply voltage:230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
Consumed power:50 Watt
Dimensions:430 x 105 x 340 mm
Weight:16 kg

FONEL Tube preamplifier at www.6moons.com

FONEL Tube preamplifier at www.fairaudio.de