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Class A ¨Royal¨ - hybrid mono-power amplifiers
Class A `Royal` - hybrid mono-power amplifiers - 0 Class A `Royal` - hybrid mono-power amplifiers - 1

Better all expectations!

The factory tests of the new mono-power amplifiers FONEL Class A shown that quality of their sounding is better than all our expectations and better than we anywhere can listen. There are: accuracy, detailing, lightness, power, emotions, harmony, and depth of sound and scenes- all this in the mono-power amplifiers FONEL Class A "Royal".

Features of engineering solutions, realized in mono-power amplifiers FONEL class A "Royal":
  • original hybrid tube-transistor construction, working in Class A, without common negative feedback;
  • stabilized high power source with a toroidal transformer;
  • sensitivity adjustment;
  • multilevel protection system, providing overload protection of acoustic systems and amplifiers;
  • FONEL-Link function;
  • brightness adjusted of indication;
  • usage of high-quality components only;
  • antiresonance case construction;
  • multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing.

Ornamental elements of the construction made from natural high quality wood in three standard versions: ash, mahogany and walnut. Piano-black version and others made by special orders.

Technical Parameters
Power165 W
Output power in Pure Class A, nominal90 W/45 W (4 Om/8 Om)
Frequensy Range5...100000 Hz
Sensitivity adjustment, levels3
supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
dimensions B x H x T430 x 132 x 432 mm
weight32,4 kg/St.

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