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4-band active speaker system ¨La Grande¨
4-band active speaker system `La Grande` - 0

Music in all its splendour

In its new generation the active 4-band active speaker system "La Grande" has not acquired its new outward design only, but a new, more perfect technical concept, as well.

This pair of acoustics is very dynamic, fast, musical. The playback turns out soft, alive, full of energy. With the first times of music already, you begin feeling that positive emotions start winning out. Every time you will look forward to joy, knowing that "La Grande" and your favourite music are waiting for you at home.

Features of engineering solutions, realized in "La Grande":
  • Acoustic execution as a closed box, with high-quality paper loudspeakers, what is the best solution for the quality of sound;
  • A high quality phase-linear crossover of our own design is responsible for dividing a signal into 4 bands: subwoofer, woofer, midrange and treble. It allows to get a perfect bands adapting and evenness of amplitude-frequency characteristic;
  • The cases of the speaker systems are made of 22 mm MDF, with a lot of fixing bulkheads; outer surfaces are coated with natural veneer, lacquer and leather, and inner surfaces are worked with special damping materials that provide resonance minimization;
  • Automatic switching the acoustic systems on/off at inputting or absence of a sound signal is provided;
  • Every channel is provided for a separate amplifier, executed by an individual technology, subject to characteristics peculiar to the given frequency range. Such technology allows to realize the capabilities of every loudspeaker most definitely and to get the highest correctness of sound;
  • Quality power sources, with 2 powerful line transformers and big capacitors in every speaker;
  • Microprocessor operating protection system, signal monitoring, supply voltage, heatsinks temperature and other system parameters;
  • Step-by-step sensitivity control, allowing harmonizing acoustic systems and any types of signal sources;
  • A possibility of amplification level adjustment for each band separately;

Technical characteristics
Speaker system typeactive, 4-band, closed box
Frequency range20 - 35000 Hz
Channels (bands) number4
Number of speakers5
Inputs:XLR 1, RCA 1
Power (Pnom)700 W
Sensitivity adjustment6 steps, 0.2 - 4 V
Level adjustment, in every band3 steps, +- 3 dB
Supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions1120x330x250 mm
Weight55 Kg (each)