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FONEL ¨Simplicité¨ Tube - CD-player with audio-volume control and tube output. Just Brilliant!
FONEL `Simplicité` Tube - CD-player with audio-volume control and tube output. Just Brilliant! - 0
Due to the usage of tube output stage, in the version CD-player FONEL "Simplicité" - Tube the necessity of usage of operational amplifiers and tight feedback has fallen away. As a result of such solution, the sounding of recordings became more natural, dynamic and colourful.

The functional equipment of "Simplicité" - Tube gives an opportunity to build a system, blameless in its sounding quality, with minimum number of included devices, via direct connection with power amplifier input or to active acoustic systems.

Features of engineering solutions, realized in FONEL "Simplicité" - Tube:
  • usage of high quality 24-bit DAC, combined with a clock-generator of own design, unique in its exactness;
  • signal injection from DAC straight to the tube output stage, implemented of 3 double triodes;
  • a fully balanced circuit of signal passage;
  • presence of adjusted balanced XLR and non-balanced RCA outputs;
  • buffer storage device of digital information of large capacity, allowing to perform a prior read-out of information, its comparison with the original, its correction and error-free propagation to the output stages;
  • software update support;
  • usage of a large graphical display with a clear imaging and information, well-read even from a long distance;
  • an opportunity of adjusting the display brightness or its complete cutoff, for more comfort listening;
  • multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing.
Technical Parameters:
Tube output cascade3 double triodes
Frequency range20...20 000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio>94 dB
OutputsRCA, XLR, optical, S/PDIF
Volume control0...80 dB
Supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions430 x 390 x 89 mm
Weight20 kg

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Ornamental elements of the construction, as remote controllers, are made of natural wood of high quality and a customer may choose of three standard variants: ash, redwood, walnut. The version in black piano-lacquer and other types of wood is made to special orders.