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FONEL ¨Emotion¨ class A
FONEL `Emotion` class A - 0 FONEL `Emotion` class A - 1

Hybrid tube and transistor amplifier of Class A

This amplifier, in spite of its relatively small output power 2 x 25W, is able to "stir up" any acoustic systems with normal sensibility, to convey, using the poetic language, lightness of a butterfly's wing wave as well as a tsunami of emotions, and to ensure the sufficient loudness, acceptable in a dwelling, at that.

A very high definition, lightness and airiness of high frequencies combined with lively medium ones and soft but saturated and controlled bass turn any listening into audiophilic delight.

Features of engineering solutions, realized in FONEL Emotion class A:
  • usage of original circuits, working in Class A, without common negative feedback;
  • usage of high-quality components only;
  • a relay with gold-plated leads in the switching unit;
  • a power source of high stability with a toroidal transformer;
  • multilevel protection system, providing overload protection of acoustic systems and the amplifier;
  • remote control and control keys on the foront panel;
  • adjusted brightness of indication elements;
  • an opportunity of connecting two pairs of acoustic systems, headphones;
  • a special antiresonance case design;
  • multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing.

Ornamental elements of the construction, as remote controllers, are made of natural wood of high quality and a customer may choose of three standard variants: ash, redwood, walnut. The version in black piano-lacquer and other types of wood is made to special orders.

Technical characteristics
Made inGermany
Connection of acoustic pairs2
Headphones connection1
Power130 W
Output power in Pure class A, nominal2 x 25W
at Pnom,<0.02%
at P=1 W,< 0.005%
Consumed power<150 W
Signal-to-noise ratio-98 dB
Input resistance47 kOhm
supply voltage230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
dimensions w x h x d430 x 132 x 432 mm
Weight29,2 kg

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